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 How To Make A Video

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PostSubject: How To Make A Video   Sat Oct 11, 2008 6:08 pm

How To Record And Edit Videos

Step 1 : Record

There Are Many Different Programs To Record Whatever. I Will Teach You How To Record Your Computer Games And Your Screen.

Part 1 : Your Screen

To Record Your Computer Screen First Go Ahead And Get Camtasia Studio. You Will Need To Download A Trial And Get A Crack If Your Too Cheap To Pay. Like Me...
Once You Download It And Install It With The Crack Its Basically Self Explanitory. And This Guide Is For Idiots so...


Then Select The Area You Want To Record. And When Your Ready. Record! Then You Can Stop Whenever. I Believe The Hotkey To Play And Stop Is F10 By Default But Im Not Possitive.

Part 2 : Your Game

Ok This Is Pretty Easy. First Your Going To Need To Go Ahead And Download Gamecam. Please Note Unless You Use Gamecam Pro Which Costs Money Gamecam Will Leave A WaterMark At The Bottom Right Hand Corner. There Will Be Other Links At The Bottom Of The Page For Recorders And Stuff But Its All The Same Crap And Gamecam Might Be Easier... After You Install It Open It Up And Minimize It. Then Open Up Your Open GL Or Direct X Game And Press Your Hotkey Which Is Usually F2 F9 Or F10. If You See A Box With Your Game In It In The Right Hand Corner Your Good To Go! Record. Stop. And Mwala!

Step 2 : Edit

Ok This Can Be Easy... Or It Can Be Hard As Hell And It Might Just Make You Jump Off A Cliff Or Something. Now This Depends On Your Experience And What Program You Use. For Beginners I Would Definetely Recommend Windows Movie Maker But If You Have A Mac You Might Be In Trouble. Ok So First Open Up Windows Movie Maker And Click Import Media... Then Import Your Footage. Then Drag It Onto The Timeline Or Story Boxes Depending On Which Mode Your On In The Order You Want. If You Wanna Add Music Use Timeline. Then Click Import Music/Pictures Or Add Title And Its Self Explanitory From There. Any Questions Contact Us At And We Will Help You Out. Thanks!
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How To Make A Video
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